Wooden Toys: The Rocking Horse

If you are thinking about purchasing a set of rocking horses for your toy shop, you may be curious about the history and appeal of this type of toy. Read on to find out everything you need to know! The history of the rocking horse The rocking horse dates all the way back to the 18th Century. Later, people began improving this early design by adding wheels, springs, iron frames and ornate carvings. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Custom Picture Frames over Standard-Sized Types

You may be wondering which type of frames are ideal for your pictures or pieces of art. Should you choose custom or standard-sized picture frames sold in your local craft store? Well, these two are considerably different, especially if the picture or art you intend to frame is of significant value or features particular dimensions. Custom picture framing is ideal in most cases, and you should consider them for various reasons, including: Read More 

Give that Sparkle: Magical Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

As the Christmas season fast approaches, many of us are beginning to feel the squeeze.  Like every year, the holiday season has crept up on us, and now we're forced to think on our feet for great gift ideas.  Sometimes, however, choosing gifts can be harder than it seems.  While children might not realise it, they can be difficult to buy for.  If that describes one child in your life - or many of them! Read More 

Three Ways Any Art Lover Can Benefit More When Buying Art Supplies Online

Not every artist has the luxury of having an art supplies store nearby their home. This can get very frustrating, especially when your new idea is just itching to be expressed and you have no way of getting art supplies in your area. Luckily, the internet has solved this problem for many art lovers. Buying art supplies online is an option much needed and loved by many artists. The internet has also made many art supplies considerably cheaper for artists. Read More